Clara Rides the Rancho

City life in Boston to rancho life in Mexican California, Clara
and her family learn the ways of the Californios in 1845. Grizzly
bears, wild horses, and thousands of cattle entice the students to
immerse themselves in Clara’s exciting adventures on Rancho de los

“A book that tells you what happened and when it happened is a history
book. A book that brings the past to life, shares with you the smells,
sights, and sounds of another time, and almost makes you feel you are
there – that’s History with a capital ‘H’, and that’s what the authors
of Clara Rides the Rancho have written.”

Lisa Van Der Stad
Executive Director
Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos

Whispers From the
First Californians
Whispers Along the
Mission Trail
Pasquala, The Story of a
California Indian Girl
Clara Rounds
Cape Horn
Understand and appreciate the California Indians through their stories, food, clothing, homes, and customs. Teacher guide in a 3-ring binder includes complete student text, multi-curriculum activities as well as task cards. Learn about the lives, journeys, architecture, and hardships of the first European explorers and settlers in California. Teacher guide in a 3-ring binder includes complete student text, multi-curriculum activities as well as task cards. A splendid tale of Indian life in the Great Central Valley and the coming of the Spanish to California. Teacher guide includes questions and activities that give students a deeper appreciation of the First People of California. Join in the westward movement to California in the 1840’s. Learn about the workings of a sailing ship and travel with Clara as she rounds Cape Horn!Teacher guide includes questions and multi-curriculum activities for each chapter.


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